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In BLIP, we believe less is more. We believe, the individual comes first and clothes are there to bring comfort and be part of your individual style. That’s why we pursue quality and our utmost goal is perfection for every new creation, to be able to meet your expectations. The process is long and delicate; each model is a result of years, of improving cuts and drawings, as well as working on what the client wants.


BLIP offers a range of clothing - dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers, jackets, coats, jumpsuits, and many others for those special occasions that mark our dearest events. The range varies in colors and fabrics and the quality and style is truly  remarkable.The clothing is suitable for artists and musicians, adored by our exigent clientele.

Blip offers its customers a range of exquisite accessories. The different styles of bags, hats, gloves, leather cases, scarves, jewelry and many more interesting products will guarantee your outfit will be absolutely amazing.

BLIP BASIC  is truly versatile clothing; it is inspired by the eternal desire of women to look young and vibrant, by enhancing the innate elegance of each one. We offer a wide range of trousers, skirts, shirts, jackets, jeans and accessories with exceptional quality and manufacture, complemented with the brand’s iconic sense of style. Exceptional products with affordable pricing, suitable to everyday wear.





We use only natural fabrics. They need special care. It is recommended to use dry cleaning for wool and leather. Hand washing is better for delicate fabrics such as chiffon, lace, tulle. Creased chiffon has to be dry-cleaned in order to avoid deformation. It is recommended to wash your shirts by hand with mild detergent or dry clean.


BLIP offers free repairs of its models. You may change your clothes’ size, length or add a detail.  Our customer service can change innings, zips, etc., where necessary.


Alternations include lengthening and shortening of sleeves or hems, details where possible and change of piece fabric if necessary.


Every product you buy iis guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. If it is returned during this time, due to a detect in workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace it, at our discretion, entirely free of charge.This guarantee only applies to the original purchaser and is only valid if the garment has been subjected to normal usage. It will be invalidated if any damage is caused by misuse, alternations, excessive wear and tear, negligence or accident. When making a claim please еnclose any proove of payment.This guarantee is in addition to your  statutory rights which are not affected.










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